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Cobbles is a visual platform that re-imagines how we experience the potential of everything right around us.


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Building Stronger Communities

Cobbles is a Platform for neighbors, by neighbors. Come and explore your new local life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To help you create, live and cherish your fullest local community life.

Cobbles was founded and built on three core values: Finding our Passions in our community, Using our knowledge to pursue and share these passions, and sharing the usefulness of a better local life. 


Explore The Platform

Want to know what its all about? Explore our South Boston Community.

Drop in on our early launch neighborhood, in Boston MA. Get to know the local haunts, the best places to eat and location-specific news and events to really experience Cobbles.

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Start building a community in your area

Be local, be authentic, be kind.


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Read our privacy promise and why we are making it!

We like to share our thoughts about all things local and how our small team is on a mission to change social media. come visit! 

Every community has its advocates. Are you committed to improving where you live? Come Join us! 

The Cobbles Brand

Cobble stones are a fixture in London, the hometown of founders. Take a peek at how this became the fulcrum for our brand.