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Share your QR Code or link via email, Facebook or Twitter and receive $10 for each Neighbor who signs up. 

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Win $250 if you refer the most between now through Sept. 19th!

The referral program is governed exclusively by the  Terms and Conditions of Participation found below

Here's How It Works:


Neighbors Joined:




We pay you: 




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The referral program is governed exclusively by the  Terms and Conditions of Participation found below

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Terms and Conditions of the contest

  1. New Members must live or work in Nashville, TN.

  2. Because the individual link is how we attribute the new Member to you, only those new Members who access the app via your link or QR Code will be attributed to your total. See How it works for details on the link and QR code

  3. Referred new Members must download and register in the Cobbles app in order to qualify for payment to the Creator who referred them.

  4. Cobbles will pay $10 for each Registered Member attributable to the individual link provided to the Creator.

  5. Additionally, to the Creator who generates the most registered Members in their Community as of August 15, 2021, Cobbles will provide a $250 bonus payment.

Why are we doing this?

The Goal: Now that we have a fantastic cohort of creator team mates in Nashville - it's time for all of us to welcome members to the platform. 

This is where we faced an easy choice. 

1. Pay for advertising on facebook and google to encourage users to join

2. Take the precious funds we have, and direct them entirely at our creator team mates. This way you all are financially rewarded. We have a higher chance of better quality members through referrals, We all get to see what the very first community outside our home one of southie evolves! 

We are truly in a testing state at the company. This is the very first time we are doing this in any neighborhood outside of southie! Our investors charged us with - "well done for you work in southie, prove you can do it somewhere else!" Challenge accepted.


There is absolutely no pressure. If you chose to sit this out as you are still getting comfortable with the platform thats entirely your position to take and we absolutely accept that! We are here to support as you continue your journey regardless of whether you chose to participate in this little contest or not! Its important you know that - and that we are not lying when we say its totally understandable!