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Updated: Nov 25, 2021


Written by: Claudia Marsh

Interests: we all have them. Every once in a while you experience the magic of connecting with a person who you thought would never have the same passion as you. How is that magic? When you discover the common ties between yourself and who you thought you were nothing like. You become a better person, you’re more empathetic, you grow!

When we built interests for Cobbles, we aimed to do just that. Our goal is to make it easier for neighbors from different walks of life to connect on subjects they’re passionate about and be able to come together to celebrate those passions.

Now, how does it work? Our ‘hashtags’ work differently than the way you might be used to on other social media platforms. We know when people do what they love, that positivity spreads to inspire the next person to get out there and do what they love. That’s why #interests in your community form when another neighbor joins in on the same ‘tag’ as you.

Let me give you an example if I play #Tennis every Saturday and I’m looking for local tennis players to join in, I’d record a video and add #Tennis to the caption before posting. When my neighbor also shares using #Tennis, the two of our posts will layer together and form an Interest Group. See below for a visual example of how I created #SummerIsNear with my sister.

So much good comes from putting yourself out there, getting involved, sharing knowledge, or even trying something completely new. Be open in accepting the uniqueness of your neighbors’ interests and chime in when you can relate!

Now that we’ve covered ways to start activities with your neighbors using interests, let me share with you how this concept can work to help local businesses. Introducing: places of interest, made possible through drop-ins.

Places of interest work in the same way as interests. First, a neighbor drops-in to a local restaurant, shop, or landmark (like a park or beach). When another neighbor drops-in to that same spot — BOOM! A place of interest is created in your community. It takes two!

This is a great way for highlighting (and remembering) your favorite local spots. You’ll see popular drop-ins on your feed collate together. You can also look back on the map to reflect on all the places you’ve been and the local deliciousness you’ve enjoyed. Drop-in anywhere in your community; from where you go in the morning to grab a coffee, to your afternoon slice of pizza. The more drop-ins, the more crowns you hold which classify you as The Regular of that place.

See how Mark, our CEO, and I have been having a friendly competition. We’ve been going back and forth on owning the crown at the restaurant below our office, The Broadway (He’d claim he’s owned it the whole time… Ha! I’m coming for your crown Mark!)

Remember block parties? We’re on a mission to bring that energy back with drop-ins and interests. Getting together, sharing laughs, and playing games are some ways we can bring joy to our lives and the lives around us. Let’s celebrate our communities. It’s fun to support one another and even more fun when we do it together.

Now that you know how to use #interests and drop-ins, go get the crown at your favorite local spots and start creating interests. There is power in looking silly and not caring that you do, get out there and be you!

See you out there,

Claudia aka Cloon :)

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