The Cobbles Dictionary

People on Cobbles

Guest: A person who downloaded The Cobbles App, but didn’t register. Guests can be seen as “readers”, as they aren’t able to engage (comment or applaud on content) until they create an account.

Member: A person who downloaded the Cobbles app and created an account by signing up with their email.

Creator: One of the first people to download Cobbles in their home community. Members depend on Creators to produce valuable content for themselves and their neighbors.

These neighbors love using the Cobbles camera!

Putting yourself out there

Stories: Content you share. You can do this a few ways. You can upload a video or photo, OR you can use our Cobbles in-app camera to share a story with your community. WARNING your content may appear more authentic if you use our camera, haha give it a try!

2nd Cam: Record videos inside the Cobbles App so you can use the 2-way camera. This feature allows you to film using both sides of your camera, so you can talk about what you love about your neighborhood while showing your neighbors at the same time.

Tap around to see which view you like best, you can flip the camera, adjust the size, and move it around. Choose your shape: circle, rectangle, or, our personal favorite: a piece of the Cobbles logo and start recording. It’s a super fun way to capture all the aspects that make your community shine while spreading joy to others by being your true self.

Interests: When two neighbors use the same hashtag # the stories layer together to form an interest. Tell a friend or family member what interest you want to create and have them join in!

Points of Interest: When two neighbors drop-in at the same spot, (a drop-in is when a person tags their location before sharing). Whether it’s a cafe, a restaurant, a beach, or a park, you can share community spots and support local businesses by voicing your favorite places in town.

The Regular: If you drop-in more than anyone else you earn the crown and become the Regular! It’s a fun game for those who think they own the place…think again! Your crown can be handed off to another neighbor with a tap of a drop-in. You can swipe it back the next day by dropping-in again. Keep in mind you can only earn the crown at Points of Interest, (locations where 2+ neighbors have dropped-in at), so get people you love involved in a friendly competition that supports local business, a win-win!

Become The Regular Cobbles
The Regular wears this crown!

How to talk Cobbles

Applause: When you appreciate neighbors’ content you can let them know by giving their story a round of applause, we don’t do ‘likes’ on Cobbles

Ditto: When you agree with a comment left by a neighbor tap the ditto.

Share to Neighbors: You have the ability to save all your content to your camera roll or share it with your neighbors.

Bookmarks: When you see a story shared by your neighbor that you love tap the bookmark icon so you can come back for more, you can also bookmark your own stories.

Drafts: When you’re out and about the town and are filming content, tap next to be brought to the caption page, save your filmed content to draft by tapping the save button.

Find both your Drafts and Bookmarks sitting side by side on your profile in the top right corner next to the Settings icon


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