Why we are building Cobbles - Part 1

When we started out on the cobbles journey, we knew that we were facing a few massive (some would say insurmountable) challenges. But any entrepreneur will tell you that the step we all take in to the unknown is driven by a mission and in this case, those challenges we continue to face are far outweighed by the importance of our founding mission.

We fundamentally believe that there is a better way for us to engage with and enjoy our local communities.

We believe this MUST happen if our children and their children are to reap any of the benefits that we hope will come from a massive societal exodus from toxic, addictive, fake and damaging platforms like facebook and instagram.

We are driven by the hope that society will accelerate towards islands of digital sanctuary like ours and others where we are able to uncouple from the biggest existential threat to society that this country has ever seen since the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Take a moment to watch this video. It captures everything we have set out to fight against in our mission.

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